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Emerald City Legal Services, is a different kind of law firm.

Personal Injury Done Right! 


Thanks for visiting my site. I'm primarily a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, Washington. 


I specialize in helping regular working people, who have been injured, get fair compensation for their claim. If you are here, it's
probably because you considering hiring me, so Thank You. 


Who Am I? -A Veteran and Regular Working Person: As a Navy veteran & former carpenter and furniture maker, I understand the issues of working people, and work for my clients at reasonable rates. One reason I became a lawyer was because I saw the impact even a minor legal issue can have on working people. Because lawyers are so expensive, most people have their issues go unresolved, so their access to the legal system is effectively denied. So our system is becoming a system where the rich buy access to justice, the poor can get pro-bono legal help, but everyone in the middle—regular working people and small business owners, just get left out, and that’s not right. 


Small Town Type Firm: In addition to my personal injury practice, I run a small general practice law firm. Often some legal research and several phone calls and letters will solve many of my client’s legal issues; of course when that doesn’t work, then we can file a lawsuit and force the other party to take the situation seriously. Since I have lower overhead costs than the lawyers that fill the downtown offices, I charge my clients less. I offer a wide variety of legal services to my clients, and strive to be the first place clients turn for legal


Not Your Typical Lawyer: What’s the image you have of the typical lawyer? Someone who intimidates you? Do you think of a big downtown imposing office building? Do you feel comfortable thinking about hiring a lawyer? The fact is that hiring a lawyer feels like a daunting experience; do you think that’s the way is should be? But I’m not like other lawyers. I’m accessible and responsive. I answer my own phone. I communicate with you often and return your calls quickly. I don’t have an expensive downtown office because I believe that my client’s care about the quality of the legal work, not my address. I don’t shy away from tough cases, or the ones that other lawyers think can’t be solved. I’m not like other lawyers; I’m just like you, a regular working person and a small business


Hands-On Service: Unlike big firm lawyers, when you call my office, you talk to me. I don’t pawn your case off on paralegals; I do the work. You get high-quality hands on service from my firm. I tell you like it is. I tell you where your case is strong and weak. I discuss with you strategy and get your input. You will be involved in your case, and know that you have a lawyer who actually ‘gets’ what so many of the big-firm lawyers forget—that small town service is what makes satisfied clients, who come to me first for their legal issues – customers, not one-time sales. 


Specialized Mediation Skills: I’m also trained mediator and skilled negotiator. I worked in the New York City court supervised mediation program. Mediation skills make me a better negotiator than most lawyers, because I zero in on this issue, negotiate better, and know advanced valuation techniques lawyers who haven’t been formally trained in mediation just don’t know. 


Free Consultation: No legal issue is too small for me to talk with you about it, and that initial conversation is always free. I don’t work for free, and I charge more than my mechanic, but I’m not an overpriced expensive lawyer. My clients feel they got good value for the money they spent; take a look at the recent cases/testimonials page. 


A Common Client Mistake: A common client mistake is to wait too long to call a lawyer. Don’t make this mistake! If you think you might need a lawyer, and why else would you be reading this, you probably need one now! Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you. 


Call or email me today for a free conversation about your issue…


Sean Kuhlmeyer

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