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Bike Injury - Few Injuries are Worse Than a Bike Accident...

Biking is supposed to be safe. Unfortunately, far too often, drivers hit and hurt cyclists, the roads and bike paths are a disaster, and it seems like on every popular bike route there is at least one ghost bike. Bikers are regularly doored, T-boned, rear-ended, right hooked, left hooked, 'bollarded', and flat out run off the road. Biking can be anything but safe...    

I've been a bike lawyer since 2007. I've represented cyclists hit by motorists, and have been litigating over the safety of the Burke-Gilman Trail since 2011. I was responsible for forcing the City of Seattle to remove the dangerous bollards from the Burke-Gilman trail, and am still fighting to get bollards removed or fixed in Seattle and country-wide. I've advocated and educated bicycle infrastructure decision makers across the country to bring their bicycle infrastructure up to state and federal standards.    As every cyclist knows getting hit by a car can cause severe injuries, or death, to the cyclist. Most bike 'accidents' are from either:                                                                                             

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Links, Press Clippings, Articles:

  • Article: "Ghost bikes" eerie reminders of accidents (http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2002415555_ghostcycle02m.html)
  • Seattle Ghost Bike Project (http://ghostbikes.org/seattle)
  • Seattle Cyclists Hold Memorial Ride for the Fallen (http://thesunbreak.com/2011/09/25/seattle-cyclists-hold-memorial-ride-for-the-fallen/)
  • Seattle Bike Blog (http://seattlebikeblog.com/)
If you've suffered a bike injury, you need an experienced bike lawyer. If you were hit by a car, you likely are entitled to medical payments coverage. You are legally entitled to compensation for your injuries. But you need to concentrate on getting better, we can concentrate on handling your legal claim. Call/Contact our office today to talk about your case. 

And, I'm sorry this happened to you...


Driver Negligence:

  • Speeding,
  • Reckless Driving,
  • Running a Red Light,
  • Failure to Yield for a  left turn,
  • 'Dooring' the cyclist,
  • Hitting a Cyclist in Crosswalk,
  • Illegal Passing,
  • Failure to Provide Adequate Space when Passing,
  • ...these are just a few of the examples of how motorists hurt or kill cyclists... 

Road or Trail Conditions:

  • Speed Bumps,
  • Defective Drainage Grates,
  • Bollards,
  • Potholes,
  • Defective Road Design,
  • Poor Maintenance,
  • ...these are some of the ways that the State or City cause bike injuries.

Clockwise from top left:  Non-fatal accident - child run over by truck; Dangerous Bollards on Seattle Burke-Gilman Trail; 

Antique Jeep v. Bike photo (staged photo nobody was hurt); Seattle Bike Pictogram. 

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