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Personal Injury: 14 year old boy run over by a motorcycle. He suffered a nasty broken leg, heavy arterial bleeding, and many months of physical therapy. I squeezed the insurance company into a very good settlement to pay for college. Then I squeezed them some more. The extra money I saved him will buy him a car when he turns 18 and starts college. 

Lesson: Get a lawyer who is a skilled negotiator...


Recent Cases

Personal Injury:  Car Accident. Client's previous lawyer made a settlement offer without her approval, and missed her neurological issue because the lawyer didn't read her medical records! I got her into a neurologist who found her neurological issue, sued the habitual drunk driver who rear-ended her, settled for the policy limits against the drunk, and for a good
settlement with the clients underinsured insurance carrier. Total settlement: more than double what the previous lawyer demanded!

Lesson: Get a lawyer who reads your medical records...


Personal Injury: Couple rear-ended. Whiplash, Herniated discs, Head injuries & other sensitive injuries. Settled both cases after I told the adjuster: "I'm begging my clients to let me try this case, so you are either going to put up enough money to make my clients settle, or I'm going to put their story in front of the jury, and watch them pound your insured".
Lesson: Get a lawyer who likes trial work.

Personal Injury: Client was broadsided where his Miata did a 360, then smashed into a telephone pole, with minimal injuries from which he fully recovered. Yeah! Because he hired me early, and listened to everything I told him, we maximized his settlement, which sent him on a European vacation.

Lesson: Get a good lawyer early, and listen to them...

Personal Injury: Burn case. Represented a little boy who was badly burned by the negligence of a business. Case still active. 


Personal Injury: Represented a man who was rear-ended waiting for a pedestrian at a marked crosswalk, (with 3 crosswalk signs!). Insurance denied the claim! After I sent a letter of reprimand to the adjuster citing the areas of the law he violated, together with a complaint to the state Insurance Commissioner, they settled for fair value.

Lesson: Don't let the insurance company away with that stuff - get a lawyer who will hit back.   

Personal Injury: Bicycle Case.

I Represent a woman who was injured while biking. Traumatic Brain Injury, Permanent Brain Damage, other life changing issues. Case still active.            


Pro Bono: Representation of a client in a First Amendment Freedom of Speech case.


Client Comment:  "Sean goes above and beyond on your behalf and is constantly vigilant about keeping you apprised of the status of your case. I have already recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so, I have complete confidence that he will continue to be passionate about delivering dedicated and attentive service." -J. M.

Client Comment: "... He did a great job in helping and (pursuing) my cases. He's really well-organized lawyer in keeping all the information for client's record. He's a great, helpful, friendly lawyer :)! thank you Sean!" -T. D.